Gung Ho Pest Control, Inc., provides quality service and expertise at a reasonable cost, while remaining abreast of the latest pest control products and methods, as well as state and federal regulations, and guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency.

I employ an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach in each setting to determine the most effective and safest combination of methods and products to manage a particular pest problem. The IPM approach is based upon knowledge and understanding of insect and rodent biology; familiarity with host environments for pests; use of beneficial organisms; improving sanitary, landscaping and structural conditions to exclude pests; and selection of baits, traps, sprays and products that pose the lowest risk to humans, pets and the environment.

Gung Ho Pest Control provides a comprehensive array of services, each of which is tailored to your specific needs and the requirements of the setting. Services include:

Free Inspection

I will inspect your home or business free of charge. The inspection will identify your particular pest problem and will include recommendation of treatments to prevent and/or eliminate pests. Give me a call if you have a question about termites.

General Household Pest Control

Prevention, elimination and/or exclusion of pests in residential settings using Integrated Pest Management, including condominiums.

Perimeter Treatment

Prevent pests from establishing a foothold at the base of your structure. Treatments include the base of the building footprint, windows, doors, tree bases and other key areas at the perimeter of a home or business.

Lawn Pest Control

Pests that are targeted in lawn treatments – such as fleas, ticks and ants – can have a significant impact in the home if left unchecked. I use lawn treatment products that will not harm people, pets or your plants and landscaping.

Advantages of having Gung Ho handle your pest control needs include:
  • Use of environmentally friendly products in such a way as to ensure your safety, and the safety of your family, customers and pets, as the case may be.
  • Targeted pest control techniques using baits, and limiting chemicals in the pest control equation, for sensitive persons.
  • Reliability: I’ll be there when I say I will, and I will do the job I agree to do.
  • One-time, monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly services are available.

I perform pest control services for boats and airplanes, as well as homes, restaurants, businesses and offices.

All of the products I use are applied within the strict application instructions given on each product label, which is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. We adhere to the adage that “The Label Is The Law.”

Does Your Home Or Business Need Pest Control?

  • Determine if your home or business is at risk for a problem and learn what steps to take to prevent it with a free site inspection.
  • Identification and treatment of a pest problem can help your business avoid inspection failures, fines and other consequences of infestations.
  • Pests can cost a restaurant repeat business and damage its reputation.
  • Sanitation issues and unmanaged landscaping can attract and harbor unwanted insects and rodents. Learn what you can do to counter pest control problems before they start.